Monday, October 19, 2009

Parenting Discipline Tip. Learning How to Identify and Access Child's Misbehavior

In the book on parenting, one of the missing chapters in all manuals and probably one of the most sought after chapter in times of need for parents is, "Parenting Discipline."

As an educator for 19 years, I have had many parents question my motives, debate my structure, and argue my decisions. However, most of my parental office visits or parental phone call center around parents asking for parenting discipline help. Sounds contradicting, but the reality is that no one teaches parenting discipline techniques to new or experienced parents, ever!

Through my many years in serving as a building principal I am offering parenting discipline techniques to you. I have identified dozens of specific children attitudes and put together a list of those behaviors for you. My experiences through trial and error will allow you to immediately improve your parenting discipline success by being able to identify and access specific child misbehavior. By pinpointing the child's observed or expressed behavior, you will be better equipped to respond with intervention to the specific behavior, thus teaching your child the appropriate response and behavior.

Some of the behaviors that I will be writing about for the parenting discipline call to action include; agitator, angry, attention demander, bully, complainer, con artist distractor, foul mouth, hater, the influencer and many more.

Parenting discipline is close to my heart as a result of the number of parents who have reached out to me for help. I am not a clinical behavior specialist, I am a principal who has worked with thousands of children on a daily basis. I have seen good behaviors, I have seen not so good behaviors, but I have never seen a child who wants to be bad, period!

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